Notts II – Gour Inlet

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Notts II – Gour Inlet


Alan Speight, Richard Mercer

The morning trip to start the siphon found the sump only a few inches higher than when we had left it a week before. There are three possible explanations for this ?

1) Very little water flowed into the sump. Possible but not very likely given the snowmelt on the preceding Sunday/Monday.

2) Someone had been in since the last rainfall and siphoned the sump. Possible.

3) The sump had filled but the plumbing that we had installed worked perfectly first time. Unlikely, we are not usually that lucky. (or proficient!)

The trip proper after ?breakfast? was again successful as we drilled another hole right through the back wall and got a third of the way in with a second hole before the second battery died. One more visit should see that finished and then we will have to start doing some proper digging/exploring again.

Richard M