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Hi All,

Ruth and I did the Ireby round yesterday Saturday, points to note for interested/concerned parties.

Ramsay’s kitchen was closed down on health grounds, a drag tray was left at the Turtle crawl/ Cripple creek junction. The aven is still rigged, so we left a rope at the bottom to leave in place of the rope ladder and Neils rope.
Mike Coopers water bottle was removed and will be at Inglesport for collection soon.
The tuck shop was also closed, all rotten food removed from the cave and a gas cannister was moved into Ireby II. We left it at the gear store by the traverse over the pit before Jupiter Cavern.
All the equipment left at Paceys Patio was also moved to the same location.
With the “Bar of Destiny” removed from the connection squeeze, the pit has filled up and water now flows through the squeeze, pleasant!
Some bags were dragged out of Skylight passage and some of the empties removed from the cave. loads more to go.
Assisted Johhny Latimer, Simons Latimer and Wilson and Bill Sherrington with the removal of all the pipework from the cave.

A jolly fine trip.