Pot Pit

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Saturday 17th March – Becka Lawson, Beardy, Dom Clayton, James Carlisle.

A return trip was made with mountains of gear to bolt up the aven,
survey it, and do some more digging. Beardy came up via Leeds in order
to collect his drill, and brought with him loads of through-bolts and

A fine trip followed, with added ‘interest’ coming from the awkward
carry and slightly higher than usual water levels. On reaching Pot Pit,
it was discovered that the dry-bag containing the drilling gear had
leaked, and that we were now down to one light on each battery.
Determined to make the most of what battery power remained, Beardy gave
me and Dom a brief tutorial on how to put in the through-bolts and then
he and Becka went off to survey what we’d found, continue the promising
looking sandy dig at the far end of Bat Chamber, and have a look at the
climb up to Radio Aven.

Dom and I started in fine style by cocking-up the first bolt
completely. Not to be put-off, we eventually figured out what we’d done
wrong and Dom managed to wriggle up off the top of the ladder into a
tight chimney underneath some wedged cobbles. This appeared to be
heading towards an obvious bend at the top where the passage looked
like it ‘might’ continue after a nasty looking squeeze. A bit of
proddling started to bring the cobbles down the aven onto my head and
we decided that it would have been much better to bolt up the wider
part of the shaft instead, and then traverse over the wedged cobbles
once we’d reached the top, thus bypassing the squeeze. This will have
to wait for next time though…

Beardy and Becka reported good progress at the sandy dig and, despite a
disappointing lack of draught, this looks like it could be an
interesting prospect. Yet another return trip will be made in the near