21/12/08 – Narrow boats only in the Glasson Dock… Extensions

Sunday 24 December 2008

Diamond Hall – The Glasson Dock and Cockerham Wharf Inland Waterways
Cruising Association Extensions – The Road to Cockerham Sands.

George, Ian Lawton, Liz lawton and a late appearance from the Dark Lord.

Today was a good day to spend underground in the dry docks beyond
Diamond Hall. Today was probably not a good day to be doing the Pennine
Way (Neil). The Dark Lord was moving furniture in Leeds during the
morning so Ian, Liz and I set off without him for another session of
sand grovelling (Imagine the Whirpool dig in miniture). Two rounds of
caps were set off in the cramped bedding plane to ease forward
progress. At the front the passage did a sharp turn to the left –
larger craft are likely to become wedged here. Beyond this obstruction
a 2m stretch of sandy bedding plane was excavated in wormhole fashion
to reach an enlargement – you can even stand up here (if you put your
feet in a hole between some boulders). A passage led up and to the left
through some more sandy beddings into a small chamber at the top of an
awkward climb. A partially sand filled passage off to the right is the
obvious way on.

At 4.30 The Dark Lord materialised and Ian and Liz set off out. The
first task was to make the passage DL sized – it now is, but only just.
After more investigations and much muttering DL started pulling rocks
out of the hole in the floor where you can stand up. Rocks can be
dropped down here for several feet – a promising site for the next trip.

If only the Kendal Branch of the Lancaster Canal provided such easy