Helm Gate Cave Oxenholme SD 5275 8908

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As a new old git I thought I ought to post something, no matter how
pathetic it is compared to Rumbling.
Wed 31/10 Alan Speight and Richard Mercer went to the above to do a
sound check. After 5 years digging and an embarrassing number of
trips this cave has assumed the massive proportions of 10m in length
and 7m of depth. At this point progress was stopped by the “passage”
becomming a 3″ high dirt filled slot between the roof and a large
solid lump of limestone which might or might not be the floor.
Todays objective was to do a bang with someone outside on the other
side of the road to see if it was loud enough to disturb the locals.
The entrance is about 15ft from the A65 in an embankment and the
footway is much used by people taking their dogs for walks on Helm.
Only a very slight thud was audible so we proceeded to remove some
floor to create a comfortable position for capping forward into
passages measureless to microbes. Some hope!
If anyone would like to visit this wonderful site please do and let
me know what you think the prospects are ‘cos I don’t know if we are
going in the right direction.
The capping is at the bottom of a sloping 7m shaft approx 1m in
diameter with no draught – does anyone know how safe this is? Should
we limit the number of caps popped per trip?

Richard M