Helm Gate Cave Oxenholme

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2-11-07 Alan Speight, Richard Mercer

Bit more capping. There was more water at the end of the cave than on
Wednesday yet the wall down which water sometimes runs and was
presumed to be the source of the puddle was dry. If the water is actually
backing up from a different source this might be better news.
Thanks to Jim for article. I’ve seen it before but hadn’t got a copy.
I didn’t know that the water by the road had been definitely traced
to the resurgence. KCC actually got permission to dig the resurgence a
few months before foot and mouth and we did a little bit in the water
when the river was low. Given the water trace it is definitely worth
another look.
In case there is someone interested who hasn’t got a copy I have
attached a copy of the survey produced of that part of Natland Cave that
intersected the pipeline. Oxen cave is about 225m from the passage
junction under the railway line but going in the wrong direction.

PS Attaching survey photo failed cos it exceeded site size limit. I’ll try sending it seperately with Picasa