Bluecaster Fell

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Monday 11th July

After a chance conversation and a visit to the dentist I had a wander up the fell to see what I could see. Six holes were found which could be of interest, starting with the most Northern; 1. “Picnic Pot” (I had lunch here!) – Small stream sinks into pot blocked by a single large boulder, previously dug by persons unknown (under boulder is remains of oil drum entrance). 2. 10m to South West is another sink with small tube visible at southernmost end of shakehole. 3. Approx. 100m to S. is large boggy shake hole where small stream sinks. At first glance no limestone is visible but a descent into the lowest part gains solid rock where bedding appears to go into fell. 4. “Dead Sheep Hole” large shakehole with tree and cliff, at bottom of which are large quantities of dead sheep. 5. Another large hole with tree and cliff, this time with stream sinking into hole at base of cliff. Hole is man sized and appears to drop about 2m. 6. Slightly smaller shakehole with smaller tree, no stream but to one side is hole with space visible 2m down.

Thursday 14th July

Dave R, Johnny Hartnell

Checked out holes 3, 2 and 1. Bedding in number 3 goes nowhere but there is a small hole which could be enlarged to gain entry to? The water in this hole is orange/red and smells badly (of bog?), now named Stink Pot. Number 2 is small tube which would require a lot of work, of no real interest? Number 1 draughted strongly out from either side of boulder which was removed by capping, two bolts placed and a climbable pitch of about 7m was dropped to a choked pot where no draught was detectable.

Monday 18th July

Dave R, Richard Bendall

checked out all pots, 6 to 1. Hole in number 6 was dug and a 2m drop descended to a complete choke. Number 5, short drop of 2m leads to a steeply inclined bedding partly filled with boulders after about 5m way on is choked tube to right which emits a good cool draught. Number 4, no draught, no hole just dead sheep. Number 2, no draught. Picnic Pot, checked out again and some debris removed, appears to be a choked pot which would be a long term dig, however all walls solid and only requires a small amount of stabilisation work at the top. Stink Pot, emitting a powerful cool draught so we decided to cap out the entrance squeeze, this was done and a 2m drop lead into a small chamber, below was another constriction from which the draught issued with another small chamber visible 2 – 3m below. Entrance needs to be stock proofed.

Wednesday 20th July

Dave R, Richard B, Phil Parker

Stink Pot

We returned to stock proof the entrance and to cap our way downward. A large block had fallen from above the entrance and blocked the way in. Perhaps this is not as stable as we had thought?! The blocks were capped and a drystone wall built were the stream enters to stop the bog from falling into the cave. The cave is now open again (and stock proof) but scaffolding would be prudent before downward progress can be made.