Count Lazlo Strog

Thursday 2 February 2005 Dave Ramsay, Richard Bendall Count Lazlo Stroganoffs Aven Continuing from previous we continued upwards bolting the head of pitches with 10mm stainless steel thrubolts and installing a ‘new’ rope (Black Marlow, used once) until the rope ran out at the bottom ofr a small aven of about 3m height. A bolt was installed at the top of this in readyness for our next visit. the way on is through a short bedding into another (larger) aven, … Read More

Lazlo’s Aven

Dave and Richard, Rich Gerrish and I had a go at this several years ago during the initial bash on Notts II in 2001. From where you’ve reached, the rest is a draughty flat out crawl with one or two standing places. The side passage shown is a small blind aven. Towards the end there is a wet gloopy section which we drained and a final standing sized chamber beyond. The draught comes from a narrow descending rift where it … Read More

Lazlo’s Aven

Beardy and someone else (?) also had a look at a rift which goes off somewhere above the first rebelay (ascending). Seem to remember reading of a lightless epic, but not sure what they found. Being lightless, maybe nothing! Hugh  

Count Lazlo Stroganov

Count Lazlo Stroganov’s Aven Monday 13th March 2006 Dave Ramsay, Richard Bendall After much dithering work has finally started! Buckets, ropes, hammer and crowbar carried to the end together with capping gear and 5 batteries. (forgot to take a chisel). Once at the end we lowered the duck slightly, in doing this I dropped the crowbar down a thin, 1m deep rift. Fortunately I was able to enlarge this by hand (soft calcite) and reach the bar which had had … Read More

Count Lazlo

Monday 20th March 2006 Count Lazlo Stroganov Dave Ramsay, Richard Bendall Our Final?visit before Richard departed for New Zealand. We started to rip out the floor as per Richards idea but after half a metre of depth gained the water started to pond rather badly so we capped out the rift instead. This was successful in that we gained forward as well as downward progress. The next visit will have to start by removing the capping debris and then it … Read More

mud Muppeting again

More muppets required for this weekend. mud guarenteed passages well maybe but only after mud. Lazlo’s aven 2 weeks agro resulted in measurable progress with mabe another long and a short trip to complete past the tight section. one or two minor problems on the way in like ripping the cable out of my lamp resulted in atrip almost complety in the dark for me. Struggling up the pithyces with heavy tacke sacks we eventyually reached the end. Pete connected … Read More

Lazlo’s Pot Radiolocation – Notts II – Sat 6 Oct 2007

Surface Team: Chris Camm, Hugh St. Lawrence, Andy Walsh, Phil Parker U/G Team: Paul Windle, Pete Hall. Pete & Paul Made their way to the inlet off the top passage above Lazlo’s Avens arriving in 1 hour 15 mins. Meanwhile Hugh and Andy started digging and capping along a bedding in the Pot at a depth of about 3m. Chris and Phil set up the surface molephone set. On setting up the U/G molephone at survey station N06.a1, voice contact … Read More

count strog aven

Paul windle , James Carlise Another capping session at the end. We had hoped for a break through but the rift is just to narrow for another 6 foot and now filled with rubble from the capping. Good progress so hopefully the next trip? Stacking the deads gets more interesting. Climb up wall of deads. lob boulder into rift hopfully reaching a hole or catch boulder on its way back down. Good new is the boulders nolonger rain down on … Read More

Count Strogs Aven Notts 2

Team Paul James Tom Arrived at the cafe to discover the team had grown by 50 %. (next time I will have a spare battery charged up to take advantage of such things). Set of from the cafe and sufferd helmet failure before the entrance followed two lamp failures on the entrance climb. The battery worked well doing 19 holes before fade. Made steady progress towards the low wet bedding into which we hopped to break through. The bedding looks … Read More

Count strog last trip Again

Team Tom James Paul Another productive trip in that we pushed forward another body length after removing the nodules. Unfortunatly at the end of the tight vertivcal slot is a tight beding and making the transition seems impossible without further re-engineering so a few more trips will be required. the draft is howling though. Paul