Bruno Kranski’s sinking sump

Tues 29th August Andy Walsh Bill sherrington. Visit to start lowering said rising sump. Thing was it had sunk down to a low level and allowed me to get into it further than ever it however just kept going down and may be quite extensive . weather conditions on surface at this time being very wet Notts2 streamway high. Sump must have sunk from summer drought and has not as yet filled up. WHY?. No realistic way to dig out … Read More

Bruno Kranski’s sinking sump and other such locations

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>only real possibility is to pump it out with motorised pump supplied by >phil parker. So the bilge pump arrived, pipe was obtained and a test made a satisfactory attempt at flooding Mr Speight’s garage. The battery pack is heavy!! 4th September Parker and Speight Intention to get the rig to the sump was foiled by leaving Alan’s helmet and lamp sitting on his garden wall. Pump and pipe got to Mincemeat Aven. 7th September Parker and Speight Helmet and … Read More

Bruno Kranskis

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hi all those interested Bruno Kranskis survey data as follows ;Bruno Kranskis sump survey 18/09/06 *calibrate compass 0.00 102 101 04.40 058.0 +32.0 103 102 03.10 077.0 +07.0 103 104 03.80 176.0 -10.0 ;lowest point of roof of ex sump 105 104 03.20 017.0 -35.0 029 105 01.20 358.0 -60.0 ;stn029 marked on wall