A little light relief

Sunday 19th December It was a toss up between Pleasures of the Palm or A little light relief. A little light relief came first, last week we’d left it with only 4ft to go, with some calcite formations and a black space beyond. After a few rounds of capping, Dave had made fast progress to the end. We took it in turns digging the gritstone boulders out and smashing the calcite formations, Dave took great pleasure in removing the angels … Read More

On The Other Hand, A Little Light Relief

Monday 27th December 2004 Dave Ramsay, Tony Rooke, Becka Lawson, Dinny Davies, Paul Windle. The team made it as far as Oliver Lloyds Aven before Tony had to depart, feeling unwell due to excessive drinking and lack of sleep at the Prince of Wales,Foxfield. the rest of the team continued, dropping off Paul and Dinny at the first (dry) aven. Dave and Becka continued to the wet aven chamber of A Little Light Relief, we were soon joine dby the … Read More