Help required, echo pot, fountains fell, thin water lovers only!

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After immense faff leading to a 1.05pm start, Mike Cooper and I descended to the bottom, finally redressed in warm dry clothing digging commenced. Scaffolding was added and the hole progressed slowly downwards and after perhaps 1m it was noted that the slope was become rather unstable. After a further fettling of the dig the slope was noted to be moving on its own. With some haste an exit was made from the dig and to ensure that no one … Read More

Echo Pot digging

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Anybody prepared to come along, looking for 2-3 others this week (9th June)? I don’t think i’ll bother with dry gear, just dig in my wetsuit less faff. Aim is to clear the slope to the choke and create a shaft starting down wards. Sam

Echo Pot trip 3 and 4?

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Hope this helps with lack of reports. Report 3 A return was made 6/10/07 mike B and SA good progress was made clearing the old collapse and putting in a step part way down the slope. 0.5m was dug out but lack of scaf joints stopped any further progress that day and so we left. Tea was brewed but water must be boiled for a god long time to ensure that it?s clean. By fettling the boulders in the floor … Read More

Gingling Sink

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Wednesday 25th October 2007 – Rich Mercer,Alan Speight,Andy Walsh, With permission to drive to the shooting hut,we took an assortment of gear to finish the entrance renovations.Andy W provided a Aluminium tube 5 ft long that was placed near the bottom of the shaft & cemented in place,all the area was then landscaped & Camouflaged. Some scaffold clips were placed in a bag and left in the entrance shaft but the rest of the site was completly cleared of tools … Read More

Echo Pot rope

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Does anyone know of any trips to Echo Pot in the last two weeks? (since the 13/10/07). Our last digging trip was totally aborted as the rope which was coiled in a bag at the top of Jack Pot had too many rub points (at least 5 through the sheath and through 2 strands of core) to reach the bottom. If anyone knows of someone having done the trip could they 1. let me know how they damaged the rope … Read More

Echo Pot 25/11/07

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One month since our last trip a return was made. A new (old) rope was placed on Jack Pot. The first hour was spent applying much needed scaffolding with judicious stacking of blocks as shuttering the dig was ready for downward progress once again. A brew was consumed after ten minutes boiling it looked like tea before the bag was added. The advantage of a cuppa soup is it?s meant to have chucky bits. A further 3 feet of progress … Read More