Bluecaster Fell

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Monday 11th July After a chance conversation and a visit to the dentist I had a wander up the fell to see what I could see. Six holes were found which could be of interest, starting with the most Northern; 1. “Picnic Pot” (I had lunch here!) – Small stream sinks into pot blocked by a single large boulder, previously dug by persons unknown (under boulder is remains of oil drum entrance). 2. 10m to South West is another sink … Read More

Dog Hole, Haverbrack

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I’m trying to get some information on cavers digging in Dog Hole, Haverbrack around about 1985 A winch & scaffolding poles found in there are signs that it was more than one trip. Cheers Jim Newton.

Helm Gate Cave Oxenholme SD 5275 8908

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Greetings As a new old git I thought I ought to post something, no matter how pathetic it is compared to Rumbling. Wed 31/10 Alan Speight and Richard Mercer went to the above to do a sound check. After 5 years digging and an embarrassing number of trips this cave has assumed the massive proportions of 10m in length and 7m of depth. At this point progress was stopped by the “passage” becomming a 3″ high dirt filled slot between … Read More

Re: Helm Gate Cave Oxenholme SD 5275 8908

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Hi Richard,Jim Newton here,I just thought you would like to see this article in Westmorland Gazette dated 21.10.1983. The stream sinks in a grill by the wall whichseparates the Helm from the A65.I traced the rising to the river below past Natland and had a dig there .This is a good spot,I got in about 15feet in sand & big rocks. As this was before capping I gave up .The rising is 3 walls from Natland bridge ,towards Kendal. In … Read More

Helm Gate Cave Oxenholme

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2-11-07 Alan Speight, Richard Mercer Bit more capping. There was more water at the end of the cave than on Wednesday yet the wall down which water sometimes runs and was presumed to be the source of the puddle was dry. If the water is actually backing up from a different source this might be better news. Thanks to Jim for article. I’ve seen it before but hadn’t got a copy. I didn’t know that the water by the road … Read More