Notts II – PU

18th & 22nd December 2008 Messrs Mercer and Parker Back to the squalid “delights” of the left-hand side of PU, finally starting an attack on the calcite blocked inlet in the final chamber/aven. Of course getting there is muddy and wet, so once there cold and misery for the non-active gimmer is quick to set in, thus capping sessions are being limited to a couple of hours but progress is being made. However the view through the enlarged hole suggests … Read More

PU – another call for a diver

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Gour Inlet 6th January 2007 Richard M went in, loaded with a washing bowl (patience, you’ll find out), to set the syphon going. Parallel Universe – Darkness Visible area 7th January 2007 Richard Mercer, Phil Parker Despite the syphoning of the previous day the sump was full enough for us to set the syphon going again whilst we carried on with the trip, loads augmented by the bowl. Once at Oh Bother It Richard tried to engineer a washing point … Read More

Back to the Parallel Universe – will it never end?

26th December 2007 Richard Mercer, Alan Speight A trip to the Gour Inlet sump to syphon water, however the sump was still open from last week – later Alan established that the rainfall had been 4mm (?) for the week which explains that. Two ropes were left for the following day’s trip. 27th December 2007 Richard Mercer, Phil Parker, guest gear carrier James Carlisle What a lovely wet day, bound to be plenty of stream sounds from below us in … Read More

Notts II – “Oh Bother It” area

Monday `7th December Richard Mercer, Phil Parker Inspired by all the “Bucket” posts we dared to again face the mud and squalour of our favourite exploration area. Tackle to carry in plus the ageing process and a bit of looking around meant a steady two hour trip to Oh Bother It. The bad news was that whilst I put on a dry base layer Richard climbed up for a look into the “walking size high-level rift continuation”. It pinched in … Read More

Notts II Gour Inlet – action and thieves

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Thursday 13th December Richard Mercer, Ken Wood Trip in to start the syphon. At the sump they discovered that the SRT kit left hanging on the battery box bolt two weeks before had vanished. Also disappeared from view was Tony Seddon’s pair of neoprene gloves which had been at the start of Gour Inlet. Spoke to Tony and he had not moved them, im addition he mentioned the fact that his harness set had “done a runner” from the sump … Read More

Gour Inlet & Another Forlorn Hope

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Thursday 29th November 2007 Richard Mercer, Phil Parker Notts II 1 Richard/Phil 1 Gour Inlet sump was cleared on Tuesday, yes some rain in the meantime but it shouldn’t be too full so we’ll wear Hybrids/Neofleeces and go through with minimum air-space. Ha, fat hope! All three AW “keep the water out of the sump” constructions were leaking with a steady flow into the sump pool which was fuller than on Tuesday. After 45 minutes Phil was getting cold and … Read More

Parallel Universe – Oh Bother It area.

Tuesday 27th November 2007 Mercer and Parker Mr Walsh having found something else to do at the last minute this was another Mercer/Parker duopoly. Way in obstructed for 95 minutes by pumping of fairly full static sump leading to major shivering by our dynamic duo. After that forward to the Window where the imminent ladder installation became fact. This followed by dragging of tackle bags through the odd tight bits until we reached Richard’s high level phreatic tube. Long legs … Read More

Parallel Universe – Oh Bother It chamber

Friday 16th November 2007 Mercer and Parker AS had a pass for the day but as he withdrew his labour on the Thursday evening presumeably the pass had been withdrawn. The trip was a no-no as on the way in PP started to feel somewhat off-colour and cold – bloody Warfarin – so termination point was close to the Window. Plus point was that the ladder/sling needed to overcome RM’s muddy climb got that far towards it’s goal. Friday 23rd … Read More

Gour Inlet and the Parallel Universe

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Report by RM Date: Sunday 14th October 2007 Team: Phil Parker, Richard Mercer RM was stuck into the lead role to fit an SRT rope onto the bolts installed during the previous trip. Mr P tested the rope, totally messing up his SRT gear in the process – that mud is sticky!!. After that it was RM’s turn for glory and he climbed up to the high-level passage that follows the line of the rift. Unfortunately this terminated after about … Read More

Gour Inlet & into the “Parallel Universe”

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Some catch-up with reports by RM: Date: Tuesday 11th September 2007 Team: Ken Wood, Richard Mercer This was mainly a tourist trip for Richard to see what had been found. Ken stayed in the passage to the NW of the ladder but Richard had a good look around. The climbing rope that had been used for the traverse in the rift was replaced with static rope, taken back to clean water beyond the sump and washed. A traverse line was … Read More