Allotment Spotholing

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31/12/07 – Tom Clayton, James Carlisle Vein Pot – Been meaning to have a look at this one for ages. It’s 110m long, 37m deep, and ends at a boulder wedged in a rift. What makes it interesting is that it’s surrounded on both sides by 100m+ deep caves, so has a lot of potential. Wanted to check out the suitability of the boulder for capping, but unfortunately the spits on the 3rd pitch were shagged and we didn’t have … Read More

Return to Inlet 14

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Yes, the amount of water in there was a complete surprise. It was a veritable torrent! Btw, I should reiterate that we are now approaching the Inlet 14 problem from a ‘safety first’ point of view and the intention isn’t to push back to the chamber at the far end in one go like last time. Lots of trips, lots of bailing/siphoning and lots of dredging are anticipated. This will hopefully make passage through to the far side much more … Read More

Brown trousers time in Inlet 14

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Inlet 14, Notts II – George, Jude, James. Thursday 15th November. Arrived on the fell to discover that the Knee-Pad Fairy had paid a visit, depositing a brand-spanking-new pair of shiny red knee-pads behind the wall. George and Jude arrived soon afterwards, bringing with them a newly constructed drag-tray to bail the inlet. We were underground around 8pm and soon reached the start of the misery, ready to take the plunge. This moment had been running through my head all … Read More

Inlet 14 – Apology and Thanks

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As you may or may not be aware, last night I had a proverbial ‘epic’ in Inlet 14 and as a result I came *very* close to not getting back out alive. Although I eventually managed to extricate myself from my predicament, this was not before cave rescue had been called and a lot of people needlessly dragged out of bed. All this because I failed to listen to the sage advice I’d received during the previous week (from Dave … Read More

Death by chocolate in Inlet 14

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Inlet 14 – Notts II, Friday 9th November. George North and James Carlisle. Had heard great things about Inlet 14 in Notts II and was delighted when Dave, Neil and Richard kindly offered to subcontract their dig out to me for a bit. Being busy at the the weekend meant that an evening trip was necessary, so I spent the week frantically checking the weather forecast for the best night to arrange a trip. Friday was forecast to be a … Read More

The Dark Side of The Grind

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Saturday 14th April – Paul Windle, Dom Clayton, George North, James Carlisle Made the trip back to push the downstream passage that begins at the end of Easter Duffy Passage. It was a case of us thinking up the (potential) name of the passage before going underground… and the cave being quite happy to oblige: it truly is The Dark Side of The Grind in every respect! A bit of work with the hammer allowed us to enter 50-100m of … Read More

Easter Duffy Passage – The Grind, Easegill

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Friday 06/04/07 – Paul Windle, Dom Clayton, James Carlisle. Went to explore the far-reaches of The Grind in Easegill with a view to starting a new dig. Upstream of Letterbox junction (in the main Grind passage, rather than the Clean passage that leads to the sump) is a truly intriguing place… all of a sudden we emerged in a low passage, the upstream of which is filled with football-sized clean- washed cobbles. These can only have come from further upstream … Read More

Woodhouse Way – 31/03/07

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Present: Dom Clayton, George North, James Carlisle. (Team Pillock) Finally managed to get another trip in after two abortive attempts in recent weeks (due to higher-than-sensible water levels). The trip also provided a first run out for George’s new drill, which turned out to be very light-weight and easy to use. We rebolted up the climb from Bat Chamber and rigged it for SRT, removing the really dodgy ladder in the process. We then went for a bit of a … Read More

Pot Pit

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Ah… you can blame Dave for this one, since he mischievously named his dig ‘Tip Top’ in response to Simon and Hugh’s ‘Top Tip’ (just to confuse everyone), and we figured it would be rude not to add to the bafflement. Unfortunately ‘Pot Pit’ and ‘Pit Pot’ are two completely seperate digs… Our original find (‘Pit Pot’) crapped out almost immediately in a small chamber at the top of the aven (there’s a report from a few weeks back somewhere). … Read More