Inlet 17 Notts II Rick Stantons original dive report.

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Dave R and Rich B requested this… Information from CDG NL94 Jan 1990. Notts Pot dive (undated). Divers were Rick Stanton, Paul Whybro and Chris Jowett. The bit in inverted comments is straight from the CDG NL, the rest is a summary of the Inlet 17 bits. Due to murkey conditions in Sump 3 Rick Stanton decided to look at the clear undived inlet (17) sump. “This was easily passed after about a 20m dive to a low airspace canal … Read More

3ft(unextended) acrow prop

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Bill, Not sure if you managed to recover one of these, so just a request to anyone else on here, if they have one of these I can borrow for a few weeks that would be good. Its for temporary use at Kilnsey to make the removal of a boulder in the spring a bit safer! Cheers Chris (Camm)